Welcome to the galley onboard Dream Catcher. Living full time on a cruising boat, you learn to adapt to the restrictions and limitations of cooking with a two or three burner cooktop, a small, small oven and less than three square feet of counter space.

Assembled below are a collection of recipes we've refined over the years that work well for a party of two. Dinner is always a big deal for us and often times our entire day will revolve around our evening meal. Having the right recipes that make the best use of the cooking tools available goes a long way towards a good meal.

I hope you enjoy....

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    Date Title Comments
    2015-03-09 Recipe: BBQ Sauce 4
    2014-08-09 Recipe: Homemade Waffles 0
    2014-07-26 Recipe: Tequila Lime 0
    2013-10-25 Recipe: Tasty Dry Rub 2
    2013-08-01 Recipe: Lobster Peppers 1
    2013-06-18 Recipe: Chicken Yakitori 2
    2013-04-26 Recipe: Rack of Lamb 3
    2013-04-13 Recipe: Mojito 5
    2013-02-06 Recipe: Practical Meat 4
    2012-11-23 Recipe: Pizza Sauce 2
    2012-09-11 Recipe: Potato Wedges 5
    2012-07-14 Recipe: Ribs & Rum Sauce 2
    2012-07-08 Recipe: BBQ Potato Chips 8
    2012-03-27 Recipe: Jerk Buffalo Wings 0
    2011-10-03 Recipe: Squaw Bread 5
    2011-05-29 Recipe: Tropical Storm 5
    2011-03-12 Recipe: Tempura Batter 0
    2011-01-11 Recipe: Sweet Thai Chili Sauce 0
    2010-11-21 Recipe: Grissini 0