Weathered In

Since we returned to the boat, I had been working non-stop to get her ready to go to back to see. I say had because since last Saturday, the wind has been up over 25 to 30 knots with gusts almost to 40. With the winds this high, we’ve been pretty much stuck on board, hiding down below dodging raindrops and trying to stay warm. Yes, it’s actually cold here now. Of course, cold for us is 66, but in a land where there are no pants or long sleeves, it’s pretty cold.

Given the lack of productivity on the work front, I have been spending my time equally watching movies, blasting space aliens and reading books. Since our weather imposed lock down, I’ve read 12 novels, watched 21 movies and rescued the galaxy from amoeba like beings that wished to harvest mankind for batteries to power their galactic war machine.

When you put all that down on paper I sound pretty busy. I did take the time to perfect my pressure cooker bread recipe by making a mini loaf every other day. You wouldn’t think that good bread could be steamed, but as it turns out it’s quiet delicious and perhaps even easier than traditional oven loaf as it is almost impossible to burn. Party, bonus.

In other news, I can report that we are now a twin engine boat once again. Just before the weather hit, I finished installing our new portside engine. This is the engine I ordered way back in August when we were house sitting. It arrived on December 19th, just in time to be placed under our Christmas yucca. (Think small tree). Within a couple of days of it’s arrival I had it installed and running. We haven’t actually moved the boat yet as we are stuck in this horrid weather pattern, but it looks like next Tuesday will be the day to up anchor and move the big boat in preparation for some serious bottom cleaning.

Tomorrow we are going to re-launch the dinghy so that I can attempt to make it into town for supplies. I could take the dinghy to beach where we are anchored and walk the mile each way to and from town or I can try and take the dinghy around the point and up he harbour to the dinghy dock. It’s so rough out that I thought about walking, but then I remembered what piss poor drivers the Bahamians are and I think I’ll take my chances with drowning instead.

If you don’t hear from me again, know that I chose poorly……

More to follow, end of line.

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We weathered the current storm that just blew thru in Largo sound. Tucked in here to a mooring field for protection.
Glad to see you guys back online
James & Crystal
S/V Texpie

Architect Delux 1/27/2017 9:34:00 PM

So happy to discover you're blogging again!  When you went dark I initially would check back weekly... then biweekly... then monthly... then quarterly...  I had "finished the internet" earlier and came back around to find a few updates.  Thank you for sharing your story.  

Glad you two are still afloat. Been wondering where you were. Keep us updated.


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