Thrust Generation (by Tom)

January 9, 2012

We spent the bulk of today putting the boat back together after our marathom motor sail from Bimini. The wind had come up and around to the north overnight, so we decided to move to the inside of Norman's Cay at first light.

When we tried to pick up the anchor, it was apparent that one of our two engines was not participating in the thrust generation process. We shut that one down, retrieved the anchor and motored around to the other side of the island on just one motor.

Thirty minutes later, we were re-anchored and I donned my bozo deluxe wetsuit and entered the water. Initially I suspected that we had spun a prop, but after removing said prop, it was apparent that nothing was wrong with it. Hmm.

Next I checked the transmission and discovered that the engine was stuck in reverse. Aha! It turns out that the connector nut that ties the drive shift mechanism into the lower unit had back itself off and was no loner passing instructions to the gear box. A couple of minutes with the 10 milimeter wrench and all was right with the world.

The rest of the afternoon passed in relative quiet. I did some minor boat maintanence and Amy made flour wraps and read a book. Dinner was steak fajitas on the aforementioned homemade wraps and it was good. Tomorrow we plan on sailing down to Staniel Cay.

More to follow, end of line....

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