Sad Goodbyes (by tom)

March 26, 2011

Another granny call before 7 am this morning was all the prodding we needed to finally decide that it's time to go home. One of Granny's aids apparently has taken off with several prescription narcotics and our case manager is a complete moron and so we need to go home.

I dinghied over to Frank and Deb this morning to tell them we need to start north and to score twenty gallons of fresh water. They decided to follow us up to Buena Vista so we can have one more round of spear fishing and then get together for a goodbye dinner.

We left before the motor boaters (petrol burners) and spent the next four hours slowly working our way 15 miles to the north. We eventually reached the anchorage in the southern end of Buena Vista Cay just as Frank and Deb came in through the cut.

We had to anchor twice to get the hook secure, but eventually we were safe. Frank called over about going spear fishing, but after the sail up, I had to decline so that I could get in the water and clean our dirty hulls that are contributing to our slower than normal speed.

Frank ended up going diving with Deb as his wing man while I got in the water to scrub the evil scum from our bottom. I hate evil hull scum, I hate it so much.

Anyhow, two hours later I was done scrubbing and Amy greeted me with brownies and beer in the cockpit in her special "serving outfit". Let the record reflect the great lengths she will go to to avoid having to participate in the removal of hull goo.

Later, back on planet earth, we got ready to head off to Frank's for dinner. We arrived around 5 pm and Frank had some fresh tuna rolls ready for consumption. He had caught two, 4 pound black fin tunas on the way up, hence the fresh sushi.

After the fish was gone, I took over in the galley and produced tempura fried onion rings, green beans and shrimp bites served over three courses along side our signature super secret sweet Thai chili sauce.

The offerings were well received and there were no leftovers.

After too much beer and too much rum we sort of fell in the dinghy and drifted the 250 feet home sometime around midnight, which is unfortunate considering we have a long trip home starting early tomorrow morning.

It's always hard saying goodbye to close friends and tonight was no different. We'll miss you guys, see you soon.

Ok, that's about it. Remember, be safe, it's dumb out there and I am in fact a drunk dinghy operator; at least tonight....

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April 8. 2011 03:47


“Ahhhh.... parting is such sweet sorrow”... I'm paraphrasing some old dude, err like Shakespeare or somebody.  By the way the black fin tunas were every bit of 5 lbs each not 4 and as we all know, size does matter!  

I’m surprised that you didn’t tell the story of the fish, cudas and shark that helped you clean the bottom of your boat.  I figure that even the bikers that read your blog woulda given you an honorary club membership for that story.

We spent the rest of the week down in Double Breasted Cay before heading to Salt Pond, Calabash Bay and now in Rum Cay.  Having a blast and wishing that you guys were still cruising with us!

Deb says post the Tempura and Super Secret Sweet Tai Chili Sauce recipes… please!


P.S. Cable and Wireless bought 51% of Batelco.  The deal is done!  Maybe in another year we’ll have lightning fast internet all over the Bahamas.  Then again…


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